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Achieving our mission wouldn't be possible without our global community of foundations, private companies and individuals who share our vision and support us through their contributions.

Other ways to support us

Encourage workplace giving

Workplace Giving allows employees to make a regular donation directly from their gross salary, immediately reducing the amount of income tax deducted from their salary with no need to keep receipts. It is quick to set up, can be altered or cancelled at any time. This method of giving is also received at minimal cost to us, therefore maximising the positive impact it will have.

Become a sponsor

We have a wide range of projects that can be sponsored by individuals or corporations, from conferences to hackathons, and sector engagement activities. These projects will put your brand in front of a wide range of businesses, investors and professionals working at the cutting edge of the this new technology.

Leave a bequest

The impact of your gift can be felt beyond your lifetime. By leaving a bequest to Cellular Agriculture Australia, you can help ensure that cellular agriculture plays a critical role in positively shaping our future. From reducing animal suffering, to lessening the impact of famines and hunger, and helping to meet the growing demand for protein in a climate-friendly way.

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