Food safety regulation

Leverage our resources to streamline your food safety application process for cellular agriculture products in Australia.

Navigating Australia's food safety regulation process and developing applications for cultivated meat products and precision-fermented ingredients is complex, expensive and time consuming.

We have developed a Regulation Resource Hub, which provides you with a suite of tailored online learning materials including dossier templates and step-by-step guidance on Australia’s food safety regulation framework for novel foods and food produced using gene technology.

These pay-to-access resources outline how food safety regulation is handled in Australia and New Zealand, and clarify the application requirements for products produced using cellular agriculture.

These resources are suitable for companies looking to manufacture for local sale, for export or importing cellular agriculture products for sale in Australia. They are suitable for companies producing cultivated foods (e.g. cultivated meat, seafood) and precision-fermented ingredients.

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What's included?


Dossier templates


Expert-prepared and industry-reviewed downloadable dossier templates for novel foods and foods produced using gene technology. Templates are pre-populated with common content and total 52 pages (28 pages Novel Food, 24 pages Gene Technology).


Dossier guides


Step-by-step guides to complete the dossier templates for novel foods and foods produced using gene technology. Includes guidance beyond what is included in the FSANZ Application Handbook based on the expertise of experienced regulatory consultants. Totals over 117 pages of guidance material (45 pages Novel Food, 72 pages Gene Technology).


Regulatory framework overview


A comprehensive 31 page overview, containing essential foundational knowledge of the Australian and New Zealand regulatory framework.


Consultant directory


A directory of experienced regulatory consultants, lawyers and other service providers which can help you in navigating the food safety regulation process.




A compilation of 17 FAQs and other useful resources.

How will these resources benefit you?

Gain essential foundational knowledge of the regulatory framework at the State and Federal level in Australia and New Zealand.

Access additional and bespoke guidance beyond what is is set out in The Food Standards Handbook.

Prepare high-quality, consistent applications for FSANZ which we are confident will contribute to streamlined application processes.

Navigate the application process efficiently with a single information hub.

How were these resources developed?

Our resources have been produced in collaboration with leading industry partners and experienced regulatory consultants. FSANZ and state-based regulators were also consulted as a part of the process.  

Regulatory consultants Simon and Jon provided invaluable expertise in The Food Code and food safety, and helped prepare the dossier templates, guidance documents and supporting materials.

Additionally, our industry partners reviewed the dossier templates, guidance document and supporting materials.

CAA’s role was to facilitate the process, synthesize information to develop the dossier templates and guidance, as well as develop the online Resource Hub to house the resources. 

Simon Brooke-Taylor provides specialist consultancy services in risk assessment, regulatory affairs, toxicology, food safety, novel foods and compliance to the food sector. His clients have included Australian and multinational food manufacturers, importers and distributors, food industry associations, research organisations and government agencies.

Jon Kite has worked in food regulation in Australia and New Zealand for over 23 years. After 18 years at Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), managing large projects, such as the approval of hemp seed foods, the review of the regulation of nutritive substances and novel foods and the operation of the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods, Jon set up his own consulting company, JKFoodReg. At JKFoodReg, Jon has used his experience to help industry navigate the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code with a particular focus on assisting food companies in obtaining pre-market approval of ingredients via FSANZ’s rigorous application process.

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