Meet our team

The CAA team is a wonderful demonstration of what’s possible when a diverse group of people are aligned with our values and intrinsically motivated to drive positive change.



Board of Directors


Alex Shirazi

Producer — Cultured Meat Symposium & Cultured Meat and Future Food Show

William Daniel Concepcion

Education & Outreach

Agnes Mukurumbira

Content Developer

Tamara Cole

Education & Outreach

Nelson Gardner-Challis

IT & Systems Lead

Mikka Van Opijnen

Education & Outreach

Lisa Musgrove

Science & Technology Lead

Isha Datar

Executive Director — New Harvest

Brodie Peace

Education & Outreach

Elsa Schnyder

Education & Outreach

Lucy Manahi

Marketing & Communications Lead

Nidhi Sikka

Content Developer

Dr. Sam Perkins

Chief Executive Officer

Cecilia Chang

Deputy CEO — Mission Barns

Chloe Dempsey

Director & Acting Chair

Joanne Tunna

Chief Operating Officer

Declan Savage


Victoria Taylor

Head of Sector Building & Advocacy

Carin Basirun


Dr Bianca Le


Jessica Freitag

Advocacy & Communications Coordinator

Lucie James

Education Program Coordinator

Kate Secombe

Newsletter Coordinator & Content Developer

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